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Khasrow Almasi
Studying International Studies @SAISHopkins, @CentralWashU alumnus, Political Commentator Iran, Iraq and Kurdistan (Kurdia). RTs not Endorsements. Own opinions.
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#Russia is in decline politically, economically & militarily because of dictatorship miscalculations. We stand with #Ukraine and freedom. #Mahsa_Amini

The Iranian regime chose to stand on wrong losing side of history. People in #IranProtests2022 are not being represented by the pro-Russia Islamic regime. We stand with #Ukraine. #MahsaAmini

The Biden admin is doing well but not enough. We need to see a change of policy to one supporting freedom & #IranProtests2022. That will be consistent with US #Ukraine policy. Iran is selling drones to Russia. #MahsaAmini

He is representing the Iranian Islamic regime: brutal, ugly and armed but hated and beaten up in #IranProtests2022. If you are supporting Iran, you are supporting it while providing drones to #Russia to hit #Ukraine. Ukrainians need to support Iranians on streets. #MahsaAmini

Russians are out to show their opposition to Purim鈥檚 war on #Ukraine.

#Iran has shipped first cargo of #drones to Russia to be used in the war against #Ukraine. Seems like #Russia is not satisfied with the drones quality.

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