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In a way we have been gaslighted with regard to our understanding of the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, the 2007/8 financial meltdown, the war on terror, and more recently the Ukraine conflict.  We are swimming in an ocean of lies.

Pope Francis urged the world: “Let us ask the Lord for peace for the people who are so afflicted and who suffer so much cruelty on the part of mercenaries who wage war.” Shocking to see Christian nations Ukraine, Russia, Poland, United States engaged in the slaughter.

The exchange of prisoners of war between Ukraine and Russia is a good sign. It is reported that Pope Franciscus transmitted names of POWs for release. Poor chaps have suffered enough. Now let's get a ceasefire agreed upon!

US is loving Ukraine to death. Like we loved Afghanistan to death. Putting Ukraine between NATO and Russia is murdering Ukrainians. The US is not "passive" in this war. It drives it at the expense of every Ukrainian.

On 3 November, for the 30th time, the General Assembly adopted a resolution condemning the criminal US embargo against Cuba, imposed 61 years ago. Only the US and Israel voted against it. Ukraine and Brazil abstained.

Perfidy in wartime includes the misuse by Ukraine of the safe passage for agricultural cargo to carry out a drone attack on Sevastopol in late October.

The current war in the Ukraine seems to reflect the maxim "pereat mundus". Indeed, by constantly escalating we may be preparing the end of the world. Biden is even backpeddaling on his commitment to no first atomic strike.

The Ukraine war illustrates that there is bad in the good and good in the bad. European “values” have collapsed under the weight of the ideologues.

There is no simple division of the Ukraine war into “good guys” and “bad guys”. There are crimes on both sides, which will not stop for as long as we continue pouring fuel on the fire.

The only “moral principle” at stake in the Ukraine war is the sanctity of life. Everything else we read is geopolitics, unilateralism, and hate speech against anything “Russian”.

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