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@AndyBxxx I'm sorry, but if you are more concerned about a pipeline being blown up than Russia invading, destroying, stealing & killing in Ukraine -- which from your tweets you are -- then you are 1,000 times more heartless & insane than the average person.

@GCMeifangZhang @AndyBxxx @chenweihua Why would I invade Ukraine when I can just initiate a special military operation to conquer, kill & steal in Ukraine? Because Putin's words are very trustworthy these days. Putin said he wouldn't invade, then he invaded, then he said he didn't invade.

@KyivIndependent Russia invades threatening Ukraine's very existence, then Russia said if others do what Russia is currently doing to Ukraine that Russia would use nuclear weapons.

@7heBig @ThornbranchMyth @LF12373570 @hurt_chinese @KimDotcom Exactly! You're doing well. Russia is invading Ukraine because Russia want to rule over previously conquered Ukraine, which WAS conquered & ruled by Russia & USSR along with many other territories; Russian empire & USSR were 2nd largest in history, first with connected territory.

@7heBig @hurt_chinese @KimDotcom If you want to argue about America & Russia & oil, that's fine, but don't confuse Ukraine as being part of Russia, it is not and to say so is false.

@7heBig @hurt_chinese @KimDotcom Not by my words, by history. Russia is not some new or different country from USSR as you suggested. And YES! Ukraine *WAS* part of the USSR along with multiple countries Russia conquered over the years. Yes, Russia.

@7heBig @ThornbranchMyth @LF12373570 @hurt_chinese @KimDotcom ... invasion or war 馃憟That is correct You do know that in this treaty Russia acknowledges Ukraine is a country? But you are right, regards this invasion & war ... Russia started it.

@7heBig @hurt_chinese @KimDotcom But not just in 1994, also through the UN, by calling Ukraine a country, renting the Crimea naval base from Ukraine, paying for the pipelines, even the Minsk Agreements. All that was the Russian Federation that continued with its UN seat via a name change application at the UN.

@7heBig @hurt_chinese @KimDotcom You should actually review history. By Russia's own words & their application through the UN they are the continuation of the USSR but restructured & a name change, go back & look at that via the UN. And, your point ignores that RUSSIA again acknowledged Ukraine in 1994.

@ThornbranchMyth @7heBig @LF12373570 @hurt_chinese @KimDotcom Agreed. Russia has been helping, urging, and arming people in Ukraine to rebel & several times invaded Ukraine, all in violation of Russia's treaty with Ukraine.

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