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Good morning everyone from Ukraine's south. Except the Russians

Wagner Group boss Prigozhin is touring Russia's Buryatia prisons to recruit inmates to fight against Ukraine's defense forces, according to the local channel.

I love being on the road, especially when it will lead us from winterish Kyiv to the sunny Ukraine's south.

Ukraine requested access to the site of the missile landing in Poland, the Secretary of Ukraine's National Security and Defense Council said.

🇵🇱🇺🇦 Duda talks to Zelensky after the call with Biden The fist thing I found out after the blackout is that Russian missile reportedly struck Polish soil, killing two near the border with Ukraine.

Wagner Group and Kadyrov's Chechen militia were created to suppress protests in Russia, according Ukraine's military intelligence.

Russia can be treated only with strong power. Ukraine has been repeating it for years. And now, again, minister Kuleba still needs to remind it.

Emergency blackouts introduced in Ukraine following new Russian strikes on November 15. Read more at the Kyiv Independent.

The Kyiv Independent is reaching its first anniversary. Almost three-quarters of that time we're covering cover a full-scale Russian invasion that affected every family in Ukraine. Please, consider becoming patrons, and follow us on other platforms to support our coverage 🇺🇦

Breaking Russia's Defense Minister and commander of the Russian forces in Ukraine admit Russia is incapable to supply Kherson city. Russia is preparing the "defense" on the Dnipro River's left bank (eastern side) Kherson fully stands on the right bank (western side of the river)

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