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@POTUS Stop lying Biden Do you think the American people are stupid. You took our oil away. Closed Keystone pipeline. You are being brainwashed by your climate change extremists. Under President Trump $ 1.87 a gallon. Gas was extremely high way before Putin invaded Ukraine. Resign now.

@Pilotwife0360 Agreed time to cut our loss. And Give the American tax payers a break. Biden has given more to Ukraine than all the European nations combined. If he wants to throw away billions give it to Americans with his flawed economic policy he鈥檚 hurting Americans on a fixed budget.

@theblaze Lmao. Give Americans some of those Billions you keep giving to Ukraine as bribe money Big Guy. Your crooked dealings with Hunter. Remember when you threatened them to hold back aid from them if they arrested the Crooked CEO of Hunters no show job. The party鈥檚 over Big Guy.

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