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Adam Kinzinger🇺🇦🇺🇸✌️
Lt. Colonel, pilot, serving in the @AirNatlGuard. Aggressively calling out conspiracy theories, earl
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Amnesty staffer: “here’s my take on the war.” Amnesty leader “bro it’s Friday i don’t have time to proof just hit send.” Google pages with Ukraine war info:

Taiwan and Ukraine have much in common. Neither were ever legitimately part of their neighbor, and both represent Democracy’s success and is a threat to repression. Pelosi should go to Taiwan.

Regarding the misinformation in the Nation of Georgia, we want to be clear: the US seeks to end the fighting in Ukraine without Ukraine losing a single inch. We have NO desire to involve Georgia in the war. That is utterly false @usingeo #Georgia

Lol. Missed that one pretty bigly. Quite a few who breathlessly predicted nuclear war and a quick Ukraine defeat are scrubbing their twitter.

Russia occupies 1/3 of the country of Georgia. The Georgian Legion is defending Ukraine…. It seems that after #Russia gets humiliated in #Ukraine, maybe there will be a fire sale on Russian occupied lands. HIMARS to Georgia!

This Blame America First crowd is what is disguising and wrong. MTG is mad at America for forcing Russia to destroy Ukraine.

What is confusing to me, is why #russia thinks it can hold any territory in #Ukraine? Every turncoat, and Russian soldier, won’t be able to sleep with both eyes closed. The #Ukrainians will resist you and crush you. #SlavaUkraini

This is why i celebrate every destroyed #Russian tank and Ukraine artillery strike that kills soldiers. They are pure evil

Over and over #Ukraine has proven it’s adaptability. It’s essential to start training their pilots/maintainers on NATO jets now. Every day that goes by is a day longer until they are combat utilized. Ukraine fights for us all! #SlavaUkraini

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