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@MSMInsider @FennecWF @tellmeofyourho1 @ReutersFacts Why would he do anything to make his puppet look weak? That's why he didn't invade Ukraine while trump was in office.

@DorseyisCommie @PeaceHopeful1 @BlueDoggin45 @ps9714 @Megawatts55 @AccountableGOP @AdamKinzinger @POTUS Lol letting Russia walk through Ukraine? This has been a huge embarrassment for putin. It's been like 3 or 4 months and they're barely making progress. Keep crying about it pedo lover

@MichaelSink10 @MissCassee @YouWannaDanc3 @APFactCheck Wtf are you talking about? He wasn't being investigated. Trump freaked out and tried to blackmail Ukraine into giving him dirt on Biden cause he knew he would lose to him. And he did. Holy shit you need to get off fake news

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