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at least no fly zone over Ukraine to save the civilians there also...

Exactly, what about the victims in Ukraine yesterday? If NATO implements a no-fly zona what will Russia do? Shout nuclear war again? At least give Ukraine better means to defend (and retaliate) itself if you are to scared to get involved.

It's time to implement the no fly zone over Ukraine, gewt it done now! Not only for the 2 Polish killed but for the thousands of victims in Ukraine ...

@yowzwazah @tkentd 2/2 in Ukraine they support a Jewish president and kill Russian nazi's, I don't care if they are Martians or whatever they are doing the good work. And don't care posting those fake Russian video's we know the truth, fools nobody anymore

@SalomeTseretely 2/3 Now, even the girl is learning to handle a AK47 (I brought her here after the bombing) to kill Russians without hesitation if they come at her place. Father is in the special forces of Ukraine and hunting orc's every day, did not come home for 3-4 month,and speaking Ukrainian

Just in case Mr Reznik is not aware this was a Russian soldier who surrendered and wanted to support Ukraine...killed with a hammer by Wagner...You are right calling them orcs is an insult to the orcs...

Kyiv was the original and first city of the Rus so per definition all of Russia belongs to Ukraine and Kyiv then :-)

more nazi's found in Ukraine... ohh my is that a Russian passport? 馃槀馃槀When you call your mercenaries "Wagner" it's not hard to know what they are...

We love you Harri, WE DO !!!! :-) :-) You and all the people who went to Ukraine to help, their names should be carved in history books after the war is won.

@Faytuks Go for it Israel! You know Iran is weakening now with the internal struggle and it might be a good time to get rid of a few dictators at this point! Help Ukraine and help yourself!

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