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@NathanMackBrown 馃嚭馃嚘I stand with Ukraine today, and have everyday since February 24th, and will continue to until Russia is defeated. Then I will celebrate with Ukraine. Slava Ukraini.

Does @laurenboebert also not realize Putin wants those 137,000 "recruits" to send to torture, rape and kill the innocent men, women and children of Ukraine? He is a cruel, sadistic genocidal monster and she praises him. Believe her when she tells you who she is.

@libradunn I have anxiety as well. About the state of our democracy, about our rights, about all the hate I see in this world, about the unimaginable pain and loss Ukraine is suffering

If I had a magic wand I would claim Russia and hand it over to Ukraine. Sure, there's corruption there like everywhere else, but there is also humanity, intelligence, love and a strength and bravery such as I have never seen. Imagine. Just imagine.

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