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Excellent, @JakeSullivan46 ! Exactly what is in order from a strategy messaging standpoint. Now let鈥檚 get Ukraine more NASAMs so Russia is further deterred from using Nuclear weapons against Ukraine.

Deplorable and entirely expected behavior from the Russian Federation. Response: 1) Arm Ukraine to end the agony 2) Designate the RF a State Sponsor of Terror 3) Hold them to account in criminal courts an through sanctioned asset seizures @POTUS @JakeSullivan46 @SecBlinken

A former national security official explores what could be next in the Ukraine war

Here it is. Trump planted the seed鈥 he is in large part responsible for the war in Ukraine. Trump was impeached for withholding vital military aid to Ukraine in exchange for dirt on Biden. Putin exploited Trump鈥檚 corruption and invitation to attack 馃嚭馃嚘. Now, the US is endangered.

Good thread on Ukraine鈥檚 military needs.

Why are there no Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicles (UCAVs) being provided to Ukraine? It鈥檚 taking to long to get advanced air defense into Ukraine. Why are we so reactive providing military capabilities only as disaster unfolds? @JakeSullivan46 @POTUS @SecBlinken @SecDef

Never again, right?! Can we do something more than condemn Russian war crimes? Ukraine can use long range fires, airpower, and air defense now!!

This is weird. Putin鈥檚 account is critical of the 鈥渁nnihilate Ukraine鈥 rhetoric. Does Putin just want to get along with Ukraine now?馃

A recent article that now seems timely. Ukraine will need a lot of support for Reconstruction. Some thought on how the democratic world can help. 鈦@ForeignAffairs鈦 | Build Ukraine Back Better: Reconstruction Is an Opportunity for Democratic Renewal

Re-upping this one. Maybe we follow Ukraine鈥檚 lead and stop tiptoeing around Russia?!

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