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Lecturer for German and European Studies at King's College London. Opinions my own. RT not always en
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With reconstruction debates over Ukraine, there expertise that can be drawn on and listened to in Europe and among specialists in the US like Dave and his colleagues that must not be pushed aside by people without the understanding of state institutions

If and when Ukraine wins and then starts complex negotiations with the EU as at the same time Russia ceases to be a great power threat to the US, then Europeans need to be realistic about how quickly interest and attention in the US will wane and pivot to the Indo-Pacific

Enjoying Timothy Snyder's excellent lectures on the Making of Modern Ukraine, but had a chuckle when in a lecture on national myths he says the US "should have lost the War of 1812" when every Canadian can come up with convincing arguments as to how the US lost the War of 1812

This week for @WPReview, in the wake of the liberation of Kherson I take a look at the implications Russia's war against Ukraine has for security and stability in the Black Sea region

@DanielWiklander What is Ukraine's EU integration pathway going to look at during the long accession negotiation and bargaining process? How do the EU and US work with UA to ensure that it does not develop interventionist approaches towards events in Russia?

Taking that one step further, a lot of analysts still seem reluctant to think through what postwar scenarios in Russia or around the Black Sea might look like if Ukraine wins even though that is a plausible enough outcome that needs to be prepared for

Poland is not going to trigger Article 5 over these kinds of incidents if confirmed. Either way though Warsaw will shift even more equipment that enables Ukraine to retaliate

GOP radicals not in a position to stop aid to Ukraine and energy prices in Europe going down. External factors many Putin regime loyalists thought would end European and American aid to Ukraine not in place. Question is whether anyone will tell Putin he's running out of cards

@Phoenix4517 @AKamyshin Basically if we want to get any transport infrastructure in Europe working it's best if Ukraine becomes a full member of the EU so that @AKamyshin can be made Transport Commissioner ASAP

The moment Russia ceases to be a threat to the US after this war is over the Americans will pivot all focus on China. That leaves EU with handling Ukraine's reconstruction and EU, Ukraine and UK largely alone to handle all the security problems a weaker Russia can still generate

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