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@bhoy831 @mtracey Ukraine elected a president who was friendly to Russia and the US backed a coup against him

@_aid_n @historyoarmani2 True, you could go back to 2008 when the US announced its intention to make Georgia and Ukraine part of NATO

@ArtLeftist @ZachBDB @SouthpawLeftist @StalinistArmy @_bilaire Yeah go to any media outlets website, search 鈥淯kraine Nazis鈥 and filter results for only prior to the Russian invasion. Vice did a whole series imbedded with them.

@StandSure8 @SpiritofHo Ukraine was moving towards peaceful relations with Russia under a democratically elected president and the US helped back a coup against him. They killed thousands of people in the east of the country since then and yeah eventually Russia invaded.

@hurt_chinese @zukosmama If only America would allow Ukraine to negotiate a peace with Russia.

@ZingaraAdrift @RWApodcast @danhalcyon Yes Russia supported the DPR and LPR after the US overthrew the legitimate government of Ukraine. It鈥檚 good that they did that.

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