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Russia-Ukraine war: August 18 updates ⤵️ More ships with exports have left Ukraine’s Black Sea ports, bringing the number of vessels to leave Ukraine under a UN-brokered grain export deal to 25. 🔴 Follow our LIVE coverage:

Crimea ‘sabotage’ highlights Russia’s woes in the Ukraine war

“We don’t believe in being enemies of somebody’s enemy.” Unlike their Western counterparts, African leaders are being cautious in characterising the conflict in Ukraine as a war ⤵️

Since the start of Russia's war, Ukraine has received billions of dollars’ worth of weapons from dozens of countries

Russia-Ukraine war: August 17 updates ⤵️ Ukrainian officials have cheered apparent attacks on military bases in Russian-annexed Crimea and warned civilians to stay away from potential targets. 🔴 Follow our LIVE coverage:

“They need conflicts to retain their hegemony.” Vladimir Putin accuses the US of trying to ‘drag out’ war in Ukraine

The UN says it has the logistics and security capability to support a visit by IAEA inspectors to the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant in southern Ukraine if both Russia and Ukraine agree. 🔴 LIVE updates:

As Russia's war on Ukraine enters its 174th day, we take a look at the main developments so far ⤵️

Russia-Ukraine war: August 16 updates ⤵️ Russia’s defence ministry said there were no serious casualties in an explosion and fire at an ammunition depot in the town of Mayskoye in Russian-controlled Crimea. 🔴 Follow our LIVE coverage:

“A serious debate regarding Austria’s neutrality would be useful." Austria commits to neutrality, even as Russia destroys Ukraine

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