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Analysis: Ukraine鈥檚 new weapon will force a Russian shift

Russia, Ukraine swap prisoners as battle for Bakhmut rages

As Russia's war on Ukraine enters its 346th day, we take a look at the main developments so far 猡碉笍

Russia-Ukraine war: February 4 updates 猡碉笍 Some 179 Russian and Ukrainian prisoners of war have returned home following a prisoner swap, officials on both sides said. 馃煚 Follow our LIVE coverage:

Ukraine will fight for Bakhmut 鈥榓s long as we can鈥: Zelenskyy

Ukraine鈥檚 prosecutor general is launching a criminal case against the Russian head and founder of the Wagner mercenary group

Russia-Ukraine war: February 3 updates 猡碉笍 EU leaders and Ukrainian officials are gathering for a summit in Kyiv to discuss Ukraine鈥檚 push to join the bloc. 馃煚 Follow our LIVE coverage:

Ukraine says longer-range rockets will force Russia to adapt tactics or face potentially catastrophic losses 猡碉笍

Russia's Putin has evoked a famous World War II victory over the Nazis to rally his nation while predicting a Russian triumph in the war in Ukraine

Senior EU officials have arrived in Kyiv before talks with Ukraine鈥檚 gov't on the embattled nation鈥檚 push to join the bloc

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