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#UPDATE US President Joe Biden said on Tuesday that he will discuss Ukraine's latest requests for advanced weaponry to defend against Russia with President Volodymyr Zelensky 鈻讹笍

#BREAKING US President Biden says will discuss Ukraine's advanced weaponry requests with Zelensky

#BREAKING France to send 12 more Caesar truck-mounted howitzers to Ukraine, defence minister says, adding to 18 already delivered

Japan and NATO must "remain united and firm" in the face of security threats posed by China, North Korea and Russia's war in Ukraine, Jens Stoltenberg said Tuesday in Tokyo.

#UPDATE ExxonMobil reported record annual profits of $55.7 billion in 2022 on Tuesday, reflecting higher commodity prices amid recovering demand and the impacts of Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

#UPDATE The Russian military on Tuesday claimed to have captured the village of Blagodatne in eastern Ukraine and north of the town of Bakhmut that has been the epicentre of heavy fighting. 馃摳 View of a destroyed building in Bakhmut

World growth has been bogged down by fallout from Russia's invasion of Ukraine last year, economic downturns and efforts to rein in spiraling costs of living. Against this backdrop, the IMF expects the global economy to expand 2.9% this year

#UPDATE US President Joe Biden said Monday that he opposed sending F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine to help its war against Russian invaders. He also said he would visit crucial ally Poland, but that a date was not yet determined.

#UPDATE When asked about the possibility of France sending jets to Ukraine, French President Emmanuel Macron said Monday that "nothing is excluded in principle," but warned against the risk of escalation of the conflict. 馃摲 Macron with Dutch PM Mark Rutte (R) on Monday

#BREAKING France's Macron says fighter jets for Ukraine 'not excluded'

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