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@ElectionWiz @SeanFit25649816 Auditing the billions given to Ukraine is a good idea.

@asholiver Covid and Ukraine. Two investigations I would support.

@mtracey @jeff_swarens Hunter Biden's activities in Ukraine will be the subject of scrutiny if GOP wins majority. No more "misinformation" shield.

"Russia said Saturday that it would suspend participation in the export of agricultural products from Ukrainian ports, in response to an attack on the occupied Black Sea port of Sevastopol that it blamed on the government of Ukraine."

@MaxMurrayShow I think the 鉂わ笍 for Ukraine is part of the clan's rallying around Biden and his son. Much more attractive to depict Ukraine as pursuing Democracy than the Biden's money.

@ggreenwald @KIR_bigg50 @RepJayapal Has the Left conflated Ukraine with Biden? Do they want Ukraine turned into a "crusader for Democracy" versus the corrupt nation in which the Biden's operated? In which case the Ukraine flag is a way of signaling support for Biden?

@SullyCNBC Now that Republicans may be in charge, it's safe for them to say Ukraine should not be a recipient of endless funds.

@ZubyMusic A lot of that is just #Resistance partisanship. If GOP wants to lower taxes, the Left will say it's everyone's *moral* duty to pay higher taxes. Like how they all support Ukraine now. Flip-flopping based on opponents' positions.

@elonmusk The Bidens' secrets are safe in Ukraine. For now.

@elonmusk Neocons, yes, you'd expect it. But the Woke Left seems to feel the need to protect Biden in Ukraine.

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