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@ClaudiaC @elonmusk How do you know the claims are true? Ukraine has never prosecuted a single holocaust perpetrator, instead they erect monuments to them. The OUN began holocaust before Nazis arrived. https://t.co/J7HeKtTC2z

@tombasmccombas @FreeUkraine91 @spuriousemail @mtracey @MaxAbrahms It's delusional to pretend Ukraine doesn't have a love affair with a major holocaust perpetrator. https://t.co/a662SQYVVX

@tombasmccombas @FreeUkraine91 @spuriousemail @mtracey @MaxAbrahms Ukraine is also a kleptocracy and it would be better if they stopped admiring that particular Nazi hobby. https://t.co/u9mW4JzTxZ https://t.co/uuXuXoIBs5

@tombasmccombas @FreeUkraine91 @spuriousemail @mtracey @MaxAbrahms Bandera's people began rounding up Jews of Lw贸w before Nazis arrived. Lavrentii Beria鈥檚 criticism of the situation in western Ukraine, related to what Khrushchev had done when he was the leader of the republic in the 1940s. https://t.co/iaVVAGMojT

@tombasmccombas @FreeUkraine91 @spuriousemail @mtracey @MaxAbrahms Ukraine had 2 major gift components, both relate to OUN/UPA, 1 had the advantage of weakening Poland, the other had advantage of being a present to Oleksiy Kyrychenko, to help for a bid to remove Malenkov from the prime minister鈥檚 role, also related to western Ukraine.

@jacleena @walterlekh @elonmusk @RenataKonkoly If the war isn't ended soon, the Poles may eventually insist for their part of Ukraine, Lw贸w etc. to be cleansed of Bandera's followers. https://t.co/A49SBi77Ut

@RenataKonkoly @elonmusk Ukraine has a history of genocide and ethnic cleansing, this is a Waffen SS poster going up in Kyiv, stopping the war is the _only_ way. https://t.co/M72purH9AN

@d_m_m_ah @ClimateAudit @TimesofIsrael followers of Bandera are okay with Israel taking the last of Ukraine's Jews, they open-minded about oligarchs https://t.co/1dYJmTQlQw

@WFeanor @e_jex @tolstoybb Ukraine's people are cutting each other's throats, for 1 side to win, the other has to lose, was my point, it wasn't really a question. 1 side has a Nazi worhip cult, & the other doesn't like Nazis. https://t.co/f31FjFHhqc

@WFeanor @e_jex @tolstoybb Which part of Ukraine do you want to win? I work in this part, it was once called Lemberg. https://t.co/9bXMBZ1nEO

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