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Armed Forces of Ukraine could not take Snigirevka, the offensive bogged down, the enemy retreated. RF Armed Forces and Aviation suppressed the enemy. Equipment destroyed on the north side: https://t.co/9ULj3ZaHfR

Advertisement for the American Museum of Natural History in New York: “Mars not chocolate, Milky Way not chocolate either, Black Hole is one guy from Ukraine.” https://t.co/Iez2ONdw0V

Lmao Ukraine requested 60,000 liters of blood from NATO for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The Alliance responded and delivered blood, BUT! the blood turned out to be infected with HIV, as well as hepatitis B and C. https://t.co/LOLrgiM0Oi

Many laughed at the Russian T62M. Ukraine got T55

At least 22 soldiers Ukraine lost in attack https://t.co/FnwsSnwJk0

it doesn't work, everyone screams, until it appears in Ukraine🤭

Armed Forces of Ukraine fired at civilian crossing near Antonovsky bridge across Dnieper. There are dead and wounded. There were no military ferries near bridge,only for civilians

Reconnaissance drone of DNR filmed a fight between Armed Forces of Ukraine right on positions. https://t.co/5X62FVRSu5

126 coastal defense brigade, airborne brigades 83, 11 and 80 -These lions! Heroes of the Berislav direction! The Armed Forces of Ukraine are broken https://t.co/URIiwc88dq

So Ukraine not sovereign state because NATO help it?

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