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@GonzaloLira1968 8 years. That鈥檚 how long this conflict was going on until Russia invaded to end it once and for all. EIGHT YEARS. All you 馃嚭馃嚘 pfp鈥檈rs who don鈥檛 know Eastern European culture/ history / geo politics and probably never heard of Ukraine until February 2022, are brainwashed.

@brianprovus @GonzaloLira1968 It was quite clear in the beginning that Ukraine had no chance of winning this.

@Wisedog4 @GonzaloLira1968 Tell me you don鈥檛 understand the Russia - Ukraine conflict without telling me you don鈥檛 understand it.

@RWApodcast Breaking news, Ukraine has filed war crimes charges against Ukraine for being involved in the war

@zerohedge Real estate in Ukraine is dirt cheap rn, maybe they should move there lol

@thrussophile2 Ukraine is probably more anti gay than Russia

@nytimes 鈥淩ussia, in fact, opposed a trade agreement with the European Union that Ukraine was negotiating in 2013. Ukraine then backed away from the pending deal under Russian pressure, a move that sparked the country鈥檚 pro-Western uprising the following year.鈥 Complete lie lol

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